Advertise In Laughs&Lifts

Laughs&Lifts Magazine, the printed edition, is not like a local newspaper that is thrown in away on less than 24 hours. It is collected and passed from person to person. We have even received subscriptions from persons across the country that have come into possession of a copy of Laughs&Lifts and love the entertainment and the Message in Laughs&Lifts. 

At the present time, the printed edition of Laughs&Lifts has a magazine distribution in  Dale, Coffee, Pike, Houston Henry and Geneva Counties in Alabama. The area has a circulation 10,000 with a readership of over 30,000. In addition, the current and past (6) issues of Laughs&Lifts is available to read online by readers from around the globe.

One Stop Location for Multi-Region Advertising

If you are trying to reach potential customers in these areas, we can help you from one office. If you wanted to reach customers in several of these areas, you would have to contact newspapers in several different cities. With Laughs&Lifts we can give you coverage in 6 counties with one phone call! 

Affordable Advertising Rates

Laughs&Lifts is very competitive with pricing. Our circulation in each area of distribution is higher than the circulation of the some local papers. You can reach more customers and save money by advertising in Laughs&Lifts. There are discounts applied for ads placed for six months and over. . If you are interested in advertising in the areas we cover, please contact us and we will be happy to send you more information. 


 Ad placement deadline is the 20th of each month prior to the upcoming issue.  Final ad art is due on the 20th of the month prior to the upcoming issue.  Contact Roger Parrish at 334-379-7603 with any questions on ad production or submission. 


Preferred file types are JPG or TIFF (minimum 300 dpi), or print quality high resolution PDF files. Ads can be sent electronically to . Laughs&Lifts reserves to right to refuse any ad or copy that the management deems unsuitable content for this publication.