For the past 12 year Laughs and Lifts print edition has been given away free to anyone at different locations through out the area.! However, effective No later than the June 2020 we are going to US mail delivery for our print edition.
So, for you to be able to continue getting this great magazine that you love, we are offering to mail Laughs and Lifts to you at the ridiculously low INTRODUCTORY rate of ONLY $15.90 for postage and handling mailed to Alabama zip codes. That's $1.33 per month, and $18.90 to other mainland USA states.
To get Laughs and Lifts delivered to your home by mail for 12 months for only $15.90,  or $18.90 sign up today using your credit card, fill out the form and submit your payment of  only $15.90, or $18.90
You will receive their magazine the first week of each month.
Your information will never be sold or given away to anyone.
If you prefer snail mail, mail check and address of where to send your subscription to:
Laughs and Lifts
P.O. Box 681
Ozark, AL 36361

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