2021 Display Ad Rates

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Why you should advertise your business in Laughs and Lifts.

Laughs and Lifts specializes in affordable print advertising.
Partnering with us positions your business in front of your target market for a fraction of the cost of other magazines, newspapers, radio, TV, or phone book. We strategically arrange our content to provide our readers maximum exposure to your ad, who, because of reading Laughs and Lifts, are now in a good mood…and associate your business and your ad with that feeling.
Laughs and Lifts is Not Tomorrow's Landfill!
Fun to read, Fun to share, and Fun to collect!
                   Appealing to all ages, both men and women.                    More senior citizens read Laughs and Lifts than any other magazine in the area, and young adults and their families also enjoy the uplifting content, interesting articles, clean jokes, cartoons, fun puzzles, recipes, cash giveaway contests and more.                                                                            
Readers just can’t wait to get the latest issue of Laughs and Lifts to read and share.

Laughs and Lifts Deliver...

Low Cost – Laughs and Lifts rates are MUCH LOWER than other magazines and newspapers that print fewer copies and have fewer distribution points.

Longevity – Unlike newspapers, weekly shoppers or want ad tabloids which typically have a one day life, Laughs and Lifts are read days and weeks after they are first published and distributed. Many are saved and read again months and even years later.

Multiple readers – Many are read multiple times in Doctors’ offices, beauty shops and auto repair shops.

Fun to read, easily digested, informative, non-controversial content

Strategically designed to keep readers on the page with your ad for up to 10 times longer

Large Circulation – Households in your market area will pick up, read (REALLY READ) and then share a Laughs and Lifts Family Magazine.

Over 100 sites in your market area gladly display and offer Laughs and Lifts Free to their customers.

For every Laughs and Lifts printed, All are picked up
and read… some by multiple readers. Again I say REALLY READ; not placed in a rack and never picked up. If any magazines are not taken home by a reader, like in waiting areas, those magazines are given to organizations that distribute to oversea soldiers, prisoners, nursing homes and shut ins.                                                       

To advertise your business in Laughs and Lifts Contact
Roger Parrish 334-379-7603