Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss

Publish your own local uplifting/entertainment/humor magazine, Laughs and Lifts.

Parrish Publishing is offering an exclusive protected licensed business opportunity in your area.

Now offered to entrepreneurs like you, this Licensed Business Opportunity is an exceptional value.

Laughs and Lifts is the Most Fun and Entertaining, Laugh Out Loud Magazine around!

As a Laughs and Lifts business owner you will create your own magazine from our pre-formatted supplied content, deliver your magazine to a large variety of distribution points or mail to targeted households, and make money from various business's advertising dollars.

Who We Are Looking For.
We are looking for motivated individuals who are ready to capitalize on a growing need….affordable advertising for small to mid-sized businesses. Our consumer demand has never been higher as more and more businesses are searching for affordable ways to market themselves in tough economic times. There will ALWAYS be a need for affordable advertising and, with our proven System, (Content, Layout, Distribution and Value) Laughs and Lifts offers the most bang for an advertiser’s buck.
Are you prepared to join an established and proven brand and make the most of the opportunity in your market?

We are looking for someone:
          • Who is motivated to succeed
          • Who is ready to be a leader
          • With a history of sales experience
          • Ready to be in business for themselves but not by themselves

Laughs and Lifts has a Low License fee and low startup costs.  $8,500 - $12,500 US is enough cash to get started. No royalties or advertising fees apply. There is only a low monthly fee of $350 for Laughs and Lifts magazine content and your areas website.
If you want to have the most fun, making money, operating your own business, contact Laughs and Lifts today!

We will teach you our lucrative proven methodology, which we take you through step by step by step and have fun in the process to create the wealth that you want. Laughs and Lifts is perfect for anyone full time or part time, from semi-retired to a large scale enterprise.

Laughs and Lifts is a local publication that is published monthly or (bi-weekly if you prefer) and distributed free by EDDM mailings to targeted areas or by hand delivering to doctors’ offices, beauty shops, auto repair shops, restaurants and many other businesses where people experience a wait time or have a high traffic flow. You may do one or both distribution methods.  Laughs and Lifts is full of jokes, uplifting articles, puzzles, recipes and much more. Laughs and Lifts makes people laugh and feel good; it lifts their spirits, and gives them something fun to do.

You make money from business advertisements. We teach you how to write Direct Response Ads like a high priced ad agency and you benefit your business clients by being their trusted marketing and advertising consultant and advisor.

Remember, our business concept has delivered significant results using our proven methodology for over 7 years. Now we will teach you and take you through the process step by step by step to get the same results or better and be as successful as you desire.

Laughs and Lifts is an entertainment magazine with a simple but profoundly popular concept of mostly Jokes and catchy one liners. Additionally it has other fun stuff like a Crossword, Find the Difference Photos, and Sudoku puzzles, as well as uplifting and informative articles and recipes. It is mailed to targeted areas using EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailing) or delivered free to local businesses where people will pick it up and read it. You make money from business's advertising in it.

Laughs and Lifts is published in a real magazine style format on glossy white paper and full color ads.

We have decided to offer Laughs and Lifts as a "Licensed Business Opportunity" instead of a franchise because we wanted to minimize our rules and regulations, thereby giving you (our business partners), the freedom to run your business your way, and allowing you to run it as you like, personalize it and/or customize it to best suit your community (if you wish). You will receive all of the experience, knowledge and support that you need to be successful, but ultimately you will be in full control or your own Laughs and Lifts magazine publishing business.

Why Start Your Own Magazine Publishing Business?

Low Start Up & Operating Costs

Excellent Earnings Potential

Lucrative & Fun Business Model

Comprehensive Support & Training and Much More

Laughs and Lifts brings laughter, entertainment  and encouragement to your community.

Most media (TV, Radio, Newspapers, and most magazines) would gladly boast of an amazing 20% market share.  Laughs and Lifts, With 10,000 copies distributed in a community of 40,000 people with an average 2 readers per copy, Laughs and Lifts reaches 50% of the market. People love Laughs and Lifts magazine because it makes them laugh and feel good.
Often Laughs and Lifts readership is greater than local newspapers and at a fraction of the advertising costs, your own magazine can grow very fast. Businesses want to advertise in it because they know how popular it is AND that it associates happy emotions with their business AND most often they are avid readers of Laughs and Lifts as well.
Unlimited Earning Potential because there are no limits to how many ads that you can sell or price caps.
Low operating cost, as most business owners will operate from home and only need to pay for printing.
Laughs and Lifts business owners never complain about deadline pressures because it is a monthly or bi-weekly magazine. One week you send your magazine to the printer, the next week you deliver it.
Laughs and Lifts is easily done with one computer in your own home, even if you have a very large area.
Because we supply all of the magazine content, in the format that we do and with the system that we use, it generally only takes 2-4 hours every other week to layout your own Laughs and Lifts magazine.

Laughs and Lifts has Low Start-Up Costs. $8,500 - $12,500 US is enough cash to get started.

You will never pay royalties, a percentage or commission on your profits. You pay only a one time low license fee and commit to pay a low monthly fee for content.
No previous experience is necessary. All you need is a willingness to work hard and help people make more money with their businesses. We will teach you the rest.

Your Laughs and Lifts business pays you two ways;

Advertisers that continue to advertise with you month after month
New sales that grow your business even more.

Your Business Fits Your Life. Yes there are some easy deadlines, but also it's your business and you have the freedom to set your own hours and days that you choose to work - no alarm clock, no schedule, no rush hour traffic, and no boss.

You're in Business for yourself, but not by yourself. Laughs and Lifts is your partner in success. You will receive expert training in all areas of your business, and a personal Laughs and Lifts coach to guide you to your success. Often you can start making money even before your first Laughs and Lifts magazine comes out.

Reasons Why Laughs and Lifts is an Exceptional Business Opportunity

Inexpensive to get in and start up
low residual expense (monthly fees)
hands on personal training
unlimited earnings potential
your magazine online on your own website
can be run from your home on a part time bases
minimal deadline pressures
easy & fun to operate

We Provide the CONTENT!
Content for your Laughs and Lifts magazine is provided by us for only $350.00 per month.

Your Laughs and Lifts License Package includes;

Your own Website which will display YOUR Laughs and Lifts magazine online in a Flash PDF Flip Book

Use of Laughs and Lifts Logo

Trademarked name

Website hosting services

Step by Step guide to go from confusion and “what do I do first”, to enormous success with your Laughs and Lifts business.

Fully comprehensive training program that can have you making money the first day.

"Ad Agency" quality advertising training.

"Locations Setup Guide", to get your Laughs and Lifts magazine in a whopping 15 different industry groups.

Family type business group/team with great support.

One on One business coaching with the founder of Laughs and Lifts

Proven extremely popular content of  Jokes, Catchy One-liners, Puzzles, Uplifting Articles and Recipes

Boasting readerships as high as 50% per population

Competes with local newspaper advertising with the huge advantage of charging clients considerably less.

Works great for business's because it associates good feelings with their company, products and services.

No Limits on how many ads that you sell or for how much you sell them for.

Low start-up and operating costs

Easy to make deadlines

Easily done in your own home with one computer

Previous experience is not necessary

And yes you have some deadlines, but essentially you set your own hours

If you want to have the most fun, making money, operating your own business; contact Laughs and Lifts today.