Why you should advertise your business in Laughs and Lifts.

Advertising in Laughs and Lifts Gives You Access To Our 25,000 Monthly Readers In An Editorial Environment They Love and Trust!

Laughs and Lifts Deliver...

Low Cost – Laughs and Lifts rates are MUCH LOWER than other magazines and newspapers that print fewer copies and have fewer distribution points.

Longevity – Unlike newspapers, weekly shoppers or want ad tabloids which typically have a one day life, Laughs and Lifts are read days and weeks after they are first published and distributed. Many are saved and read again months and even years later.

Multiple readers – Many are read multiple times in Doctors’ offices, beauty shops and auto repair shops.

Fun to read, easily digested, informative, non-controversial content

Strategically designed to keep readers on the page with your ad for up to 10 times longer

Large Circulation – 10,000+ households in your market area will pick up, read (REALLY READ) and then share a Laughs and Lifts Family Magazine.

Over 200 sites in your market area gladly display and offer Laughs and Lifts Free to their customers.

For every 10,000 Laughs and Lifts printed, 9900 are picked up
and read… Again I say REALLY READ; not placed in a rack and never picked up.      The 1% of magazines that are not picked up are given to organizations that distribute to oversea soldiers, prisoners and shut ins.                                                          

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